Welcome to the Craft Site AKcraftshow.com
Welcome to the Craft Site AKcraftshow.com
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About Us:

Shop the Inspiring Fine Art and Crafts of Alaska

Welcome to the Craft-Site AKcraftshow.com   

Click on a crafter's logo on the home page, and shop your favorite Alaskan fine art, crafts and unique gifts on the web.  Most artist's links go directly to their web or Etsy retail site for your shopping convenience.  Click on the return arrow to return to the home page after visiting an artisan website.  

Just like our huge, "The Craft Show at the Center" shows at the Dimond and Mid Town Mall shopping centers, and other fine Alaskan locations, AKcraftshow.com brings you all your favorite finds from inspiring Alaskan fine artists, crafters and unique gift providers.  Shop directly from the artists, and it's free to browse and shop.  When you make a purchase, your Alaskan treasures will be packaged and delivered via USPS, UPS or Fed-Ex.                    

www.AKcraftshow.com is an All-Alaskan Owned Business  

Click on the craft links on the Craft Show home page, and connect with your favorite Alaskan crafters.  Bookmark AKcraftshow.com and check back often for new one-of-a-kind hand made crafts and gifts.   Link If you're a crafter and would like to have your web link on AKcraftshow.com.

Please contact us at: Spotonmarketing@gci.net


The AKcraftshow,com On-Line Event Team



(Our live, on-site shows)

Due to Covid-19., we will announce new on-site show dates when available.

For now, AKcraftshow.com is providing a new and safe way for you to connect with the artists, crafters and gift providers who contribute the utmost in holiday cheer for so many.


Our on-site shows feature:

+ Dates clear of competing events

+ Extensive marketing, advertising with Radio Station Sponsorships and Live         Broadcasts

+ Premium retail exposure

+ The Craft Show at the Center is a great investment

 Space may be limited.

Email: spotonmarketing@gci.net

Phone: (907) 345-5188

Mail: Spot On Marketing / PO Box 243283 / Anchorage, Alaska  99524