Register By Phone. 

Crafters!  Now you can register by phone!  It's fast and easy.

To participate in our live shows

and our On-Line Virtual Craft Show:

Text or Phone: (907) 602-7247


Fax: (907) 348-0038


A Business Button Creates a Virtual Craft Show for Your Products:

We highly recommend pursuing customer sales through an e-commerce site for your craft business, now that customers are shopping at home in large numbers.  Today e-commerce sales are up as much as 58%, and with e-commerce, you can be selling to many customers all at once every day of the week.  A business button posting on will send customers to your selling site 365 / 24 / 7.

Your business button will go "live" about one hour after registering. 

There is no additional charge for occasional revisions. works best when your custom business button on the home page refers customers to your e-commerce selling site. 

We do jury the fine art, crafts and gifts sold on our site, and we will preview vendor's e-commerce site and products prior to approval.  

Please email for an application.

The cost is just $75/month, and all proceeds are being re-invested into advertising for all participating vendors.  Advertising is sponsored currently on iHeart Radio, and other retail oriented public broadcasts and social media. 

Crafters, get's referral power working for your AK craft sales.

Vendors are solely responsible for the safety and sale of their items.

To request an application, please contact us today:

Email:  /  TEXT Inquiries: (907) 602-7247